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Concierge - Services in airports worldwide - VIP
Concierge service worldwide.
Time zips along and the pace of life is getting faster around the clock. You confront new needs, new opportunities, which lead to new desires.
Due to our partners in most of the contries of the world we are able to take care of virtually any task, our clients may set. Outstanding attention to every possible request of yours and complete confidentiality are just several of the corporate principals, we rely on in our daily work. Just email us, call or fax our specialists or leave your request on our website, and we'll get to work right away!
Our “Concierge Service” includes:
  • Theatre, concert, sport and special event tickets
  • Exclusive premier and opening invitations
  • Best restaurants and clubs reservation
  • Individual guided tours in your language
  • Individual or group travel planning
  • Best world hotels booking
  • Renting the best villas, ancient castles, islands for your recreation or an exclusive event
  • Arranging interpreters' and escort services
  • Exclusive shopping and professional consulting services
  • University studies and language school training worldwide
  • VIP service at all major airports
  • Plane, helicopter or yacht charter
  • Arranging any brand luxury car rentals
  • Personal courier services
  • ....and much, much more (on additional request)
Concierge Private
We arrange everyhting!
Being your assistant "E.M.C. Logistics GmbH - Alice Travel" will be happy to go on a mission for you as your personal assistant. We can organize your free time, travel, celebrations and other events in line with your needs and requirements.
We will:
  • Offer you concert, show and sport events information
  • Manage your travel to any world destination, e.g. islands or world-famous resorts
  • Manage your travel with your favorite pet
  • Book a table at the restaurant
  • Reserve a room at the hotel
  • Manage your celebrations
  • Select and help purchase the gifts for yourself and your family
  • Provide personal transportation, from cab to helicopter to plane
  • Arrange for your visit to a luxury beauty parlour
  • Purchase and deliver food or goods from a shop or a restaurant at any place in the world
  • Provide consultation or make an appointment with any medical institution
  • Provide emergency medical care, if required
Leisure Activities For Your Children:
  • Hiking and camping for children
  • Visiting zoos or dolphinariums
  • Museum and exhibition excursions for children
  • Celebrations and birthdays for children
  • Holiday season recreation
  • Language schools in various countries
In short, we will welcome all your requests.
Please contact our company for any information!
Concierge Business
Business Concierge

Every detail matters in business as it helps to build the company image. Focus on what’s important while we take care of the minutiae.
Business-oriented Services:
  • Managing conferences, seminars, exhibitions and celebrations
  • Planning and running corporate events
  • Locating and booking meeting rooms, halls and hotels
  • Business partners welcome/ seeing them off
  • Holiday gifts for company employees and business partners
  • Office-related services, furniture and interior selection
  • Locating office facilities, interior finish, design
  • News search by designated topic
  • Express search for reference data
  • Sending faxes and emails
  • Company registration and legal services
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Web pages
  • ...and much, much more
In short, we will welcome all your requests.
Please contact our company for any information.